Economic Land Concessions Policy Kills Farmers

I was alerted of the desperate situation of the farmers in these 3 communes, in May 2011.

Two years later, with not a single dime invested, the company is renting the farmers’land to the farmers at US$100/year.

Farmers are in serious debt.

Today, farmers desperately called again as the company’s tractors have cleared more land.

The village chief and his wife physically assaulted a villager. Case sent to ADHOC.
Speaking to CPP deputy village chief who is sued by the company for farming on company’s land. When the PM students came to measure his land, he lost all but 10 hectares of his original 30 hectares.

Community meeting with farmers who are not able to pay rental fees to the company.

Radio Free Asia report:


3 responses to “Economic Land Concessions Policy Kills Farmers

  1. Reblogged this on CSRWin-Win and commented:
    Mu Sochua courageously continues to speak out for social justice. How could you help? An easy step would be to support organisations such as or who amplify voices for justice like this, and encourage western & China government to cause Cambodia government to rectify injustices.

    • thank you for spreading the appeal and my work to address this very serious issue.

      The impact on women is huge!

      • Mu Sochua, you are an inspiration in your work every day for social justice. Know there are people out there watching, learning, discussing, and doing whatever they can to help your efforts. It was Martin Luther King day in USA this week. I guess the lesson is that if we are clear on the goal, and carry on striving with hope in our heart and willingness to forgive (Mandela, Gandhi) then eventually we/you will get there. Wishing you safe and successful work causing positive change.

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