Travesty of Justice

Today, the Battambang court sentenced Mok Ra, a Sam Rainsy Party commune councilor in Battambang to 8 months in prison and fined him 5 milllion riels.

Mok Ra was accused of illegally recording a phone conversation during the Senate election in 2012 while in fact he was talked into selling his vote to the ruling party.

At the time, SRP filed a complaint with the provincial electoral committee and Mok Ra was awarded 5 million rieles.

The case:

the judgment of the Batttambang court today shows a clear mockery of justice. Mok Ra will take his case to the Appeal Court.


3 responses to “Travesty of Justice

  1. What is the reaction of SRP?

    • We are going to help him find a lawyer to appeal his case. We are going to get human rights NGOs and media involved to bring attention to the case.

      Thank you for caring.

      Only when this government is changed can we reform the justice system and more.

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