Radio Opposition in Remote Cambodia

Radio Opposition in Remote Cambodia

The opposition has long asked for its own radio and TV program from the govt. Rejected! We are now beating the system! SangKrous Jeat radio program has penetrated Samlot, the last strong hold of the Khmer Rouge.

Thanks to modern technologies and social media, the owner of the phone shop can download the opposition radio every day. He copies it onto the phone memory of each customer, takes it to the influential leaders in his commune who pass it around to other villagers.

When I arrived in Samlot yesterday, the villagers had already been aware of latest news from radio Sangkrous Jeat.



2 responses to “Radio Opposition in Remote Cambodia

  1. that is a very good move for Sangkrous Jeat. technologies and social media and networking, it’s really work to spreads work/word around.
    I am very proud and keep up the good work Sangkrous Jeat!

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