Singing the Blues in Remote Cambodia

A woman looking at her lost land-Battambang

A woman looking at her lost land-Battambang

My land- My life

Kosal’s voice penetrates deep into the villages of Samlot-Battambang. Photo: Philip Skoczkowski

The villagers of Samlot are also listening to radio Sangkrous Jeat and they fear losing thousands of hectares of their farmland to a company linked to the top leaders in government.

It has taken the opposition more than a decade to have a strong presence in this remote area.

Land issue is the issue for the July election.

Radio SangKrous Jeat gives us hope that the villagers will vote for change.


My land-My life

Oh my land, my farm
They aggressively invaded
They creep in all over
Without any compassion
With their power
They even kill
And sold all land,
to other companies

The forest far and near
They pull down and destroy
They’re hearts of a robber
Have no mercy
In their high status
In their sweet words
But their hearts are as dark,
as black magic

Seeing me in poverty,
Less charmed person.
They turn their back,
Use many manipulative influences
By not giving in
They remove by force
Pull down, demolish,
left only with sadness and tears.

To save the nation
Please save the lives
To release my soul
From a very deep ocean
So I can be alive
To live with my parents
And wish to live,
With happiness and peace.


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