Election Fever-PM Rushing to Make Damage Control

Sihanoukville scene of destruction

Sihanoukville scene of destruction

“Hun Sen Orders Homes of Evictees Rebuilt” is the headline of the article published by The Cambodia Daily on 19 March, 2013.

From official documents regarding this affected community in Preah Sihanouk province, the Council of Ministers granted the 350 hectares of land to the brewery company in 2011. Why has it taken the head of the government till four months before parliamentary elections to overrule the decision of the Council of Ministers?

Question #1:There is a legal issue that needs to be addressed: the case is in the Court of Appeal. Action against those who ordered the destruction of the homes and the use of violence against the affected families must be taken.

Question #2: PM Hun Sen ordered the homes to be rebuilt using the “wealth of his own family”. The same pot of wealth is being used for the 2,000 students who are measuring land for 350,000 families. The students were given a lavished meal topped with extra cash, also from the wealth of the PM’s family.

How big is this family wealth? What is the source of this family wealth?

The people do not need damage control and election promises but rule of law and develoment with a heart.

The cries of the land victims are heard throughout the steets of Phnom e Pen and the forests of Cambodia.


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