Europe Campaign – Pushing it farther

At Amnesty International -Holland headquarter- 26 March, 2013

At Amnesty International -Holland headquarter- 26 March, 2013

From forced evictions that lead to production of blood sugar produced on land taken by force from the villagers to forced evictions in the urban areas, it comes down to one thing: the EU can do more.

Too many carrots given to the Cambodian government when violations of human rights are rampant and more severe. The EU initiative on Everything But Arms can be and should be used as the stick.

Road map proposed to EU governments, Amnesty International, the EU Parliament, The Netherlands Foreign Ministry( I spoke with the Minister of Trade and Development and the Netherlands Human Rights Ambassador)

By end of April
1/ implementation of the EU recommendations for free and fair elections;
2/ return of leader of the opposition;


1/ sanctions on EBA.

Members of the EU Parliament unanimously adopted the Resolution on EBA last November. More should be done:

Tep Vanny at HQ of Amnesty International , Holland.

Her message for AI, Holland global campaign : Free Yorm Bopha.

Among all points in the Resolution , Mam Sonando got released.

PM Hun Sen needs legitimacy from the EU , the USA as much as he needs financial backing of China. And he wants both things.


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