From Sit-In To Camp-In

Sit-in at Freedom Park on Sept.7. Photo by  Charlotte Pert

Sit-in at Freedom Park on Sept.7. Photo by
Charlotte Pert

From 15-17 Sept. the opposition will take the mass protest back to Freedom Park with a three-day camp-in.

The camp-in will have a more of a Occupy Freedom Park atmosphere with the space shared with civil society combined with music and the Gandhi film in the evening.

The challenge will be toilets for 5,000 people for 3 days and nights.

Leaders of the opposition are expected to spend most of their time at the park.

Sunday the 15th, the first day of the camp-in will be focused on workers’ rights as 10,000 workers are expected. They will march from the outskirts of the city to the park.

Authorities have not O.K. the program after 6pm but we will push ahead.

His Majesty returned from a medical check-up in China, yesterday. The heads of the two parties were on the tarmac to greet His Majesty and Queen Mother but the two camps did not exchange a single word.

Certain that His Majesty will call leaders of the two parties for a meeting before the 23 Sept.

We will go back to the park should there not be a solution to the deadlock by then.

Stay tuned.

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