King Says “Go” – Non-Violent Mass Protest – Part 2

7 Sept - Post-election Mass Protest- Freedom Park Photo by Charlotte Pert

7 Sept – Post-election Mass Protest- Freedom Park
Photo by Charlotte Pert

The Non-violent Mass Protest Part-2 coincides with the 6th International Day for Democracy

His Majesty says “Go”but my conscience says “Not Now”

In His attempt to resolve post election conflict, His Majesty the King calls on the elected MPs to attend the opening of the 5th National Assembly on the 23rd of September.

His Majesty’s emphasis on “national harmony and social stability” in his speech when he summonsed the leaders of CPP and CNRP is quickly endorsed by the head of the government while the leader of the opposition reiterates the need for truth and justice to voters. And that part was not covered by the pro-government media.

As usual, the pro-government TV and radio stations play out the meeting at the Royal Palace yesterday. As usual, it is well crafted to deliver what the ruling party wants: the opening of parliament on 23rd September.

The King’s words may be an order but the people’s voices are a moral obligation to democracy and the power of the people. And the nation is not in harmony. Art.8 of the Constitution stipulates the role and function of His Majesty in ensuring such national harmony.

As we are about to camp-in for the next 3 days, I reflect on my commitment to my constituency: the majority of the population who are the women, the girls and the female youth.

The great majority of the women voted for P’Dho-Change.

Change for the women of Cambodia is a life without fear and a life with dignity.

Without any hesitation, my response to the King’s invitation to attend the first session of parliament is my moral obligation to my constituents who bravely attend each protest, each march the CNRP has held to find truth and justice and solutions to the post-election conflict.

Democracy will be strengthened by and for the people of Cambodia when truth is revealed and justice rendered to the voters.

Let the people speak up and speak out.

National harmony an social stability can not be imposed through order or by limiting the people’s freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

The next 3 days of democracy in action will present to the women of Cambodia, another chance to be on stage and to sing their songs and to be recognized as dignified citizens with rights.

Proud to be part of this democratic process of living above fear.


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