Blood Shed – Democracy In Action

Day 2 Non-Violent Mass Protest

A 29 year-old was shot dead by anti-riot police -Sept.15

A 29 year-old was shot dead by anti-riot police -Sept.15

The Cambodia National Rescue Party condemns the use of excessive force by Cambodian police when dispersing protestors at Kbal Tnal Bridge on Sunday 15 September. This action leaves one young man shot dead, several others wounded, and a tragic end to do a day of peaceful demonstrations. We call for an urgent investigation into this act of police brutality and use of deadly weapons.

On the first night of our peaceful protest against election irregularities, 29-year-old Mao Sok Chan was shot through the forehead. Hundreds of people were caught in the clashes between protestors and police, as they were trying to return home but were unable due to road barricades. As people called for the barricades to be removed in order to end the immense traffic jam, police responded with an excessive use of force.

As reported by the Phnom Penh Post, “Police could be seen wielding tasers and kicking already-restrained men in the head. As they lay on their stomachs, police smashed them with batons.” The Cambodian Center for Human Rights says there human rights observers were chased from the scene, along with journalists, by state authorities. Four people are seriously injured with bullet wounds.

National and international laws protect our right to peaceful protest and we continue to call on non-violent demonstration to demand election irregularities are properly investigated. We thank the tens of thousands peaceful protestors who showed up at Democracy Square, walked the streets, and camped through the night.

A tragedy, a true tragedy.


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