People’s Congress Resolution

Adoption of 10- point Resolution

Adoption of 10- point Resolution

Collection of thumbprints at People's Congress

Collection of thumbprints at People’s Congress

The 10-point Resolution of the People’s Congress

Mr. Sam Rainsy and I met with a European diplomat yesterday and I was very amazed by his lack of understanding of our strategy to get our demands met. His reasoning is that we should be taking our seats in parliament.

We did just that in 2008 but for 5 years we were in constant threat of being left without our parliamentary immunity. Once inside the parliament we gave the full legitimacy and our seal of endorsement to the party in power.

The 10 points is a high bar of demands.

the question is : how will we get there?

The simple answer: non-violence mass protests, general strike, boycott

23 October: 3-day at Freedom Park with a march to the UN , the EU to submit our petition with 3 million thumbprints.

We will be coming from all national roads and will meet at Freedom Park @ 3PM.

We are now working with various trade unions to stage the general strike by 23 October.

Not a coincidence that the govt. has canceled the Water Festival just right after Mr. Kem Sokha announced that we would organize a mass protest during the festival.

We will take the People’s Congress to the major provinces with protests there as well.


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