The Same Family

What other businesses does Hun Sen’s family own?

This is the tragedy of the Cambodian people.
Hun Sen’s Sister Linked to Private Security Firm at SL Factory
By Aun Pheap – November 14, 2013 The Cambodia Daily

The younger sister of Prime Minister Hun Sen is the owner of a private security firm that has been hired to protect the SL Garment Factory from its workers, who have been on strike for more than three months, officials at the firm said Wednesday.

Hun Seng Ny, the prime minister’s sister, is the owner of Garuda Securities, according to her assistant at the company, Sareth Thol, who added that the number of security guards employed at SL factory has been ramped up in recent months since strikes began in September.


3 responses to “The Same Family

  1. Dear Paaung Srey,

    I am not surprised at all about the last innocent protesters’shooting with live ammunitions. Remember about Chut Bandit, the former governor of Bavet. He is still free. All killlers including those of Chea Vichea are linked to the powerful people. Hun Sen must go. Botta

    On 11/15/13, Mu Sochua: MP & Human Rights Advocate


    Thank you Aun Sochua for this article. It has been Krusa Niyum all along! We hope that the big CHANGE will come soon, no later that the end of this year. Khmer people have had enough of misery, abuse, hunger, no justice, no democracy, land eviction ect……..ect…..ect….. We need Pdo now. SI  


  3. Dear H.E

    Thank you so much for your sharing information to us. I watched it. I felt hurt and pity to them. It was so cruel for this action.

    Best regards


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