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Protection of Migrant Workers

UN Women and the protection of Female Migrant Workers

Concerns should be raised as the Cambodian government is in the process of lifting the ban on sending Cambodian women as domestic workers to Malaysia and Singapore is the next destination. Thailand has poor records of the protection of migrant workers and the 2015 integration of ASEAN is another reason for biding documents and commitments to the full protection of our labor force, in particular for the full human rights of female migrant workers.

I have been asked to join and I have accepted to take part in

The Asian Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Labor Migration:
Gender-Responsive Social Protection for Migrant Workers
21-23 November 2013 / Bangkok, Thailand

Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA), Friedrich‐Ebert‐Stiftung (FES), Office for Regional Cooperation in Asia, UN Women and the Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs (COWA) convene the 7th Meeting of the Asian Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Labor Migration focusing on Gender-Sensitive Strategies for Migrant Workers, on 22-24 November 2013, in Bangkok, Thailand. We are pleased to extend an invitation to you and we hope that you will honor us with your presence at the program.

Since 2007, MFA and network partners, with the support of FES, have been facilitating a parliamentarians program aimed at identifying the role for parliamentarians on the issues of labor migration and migrants’ rights, enhancing participation of MPs in that role, and identifying key issue areas to take on. Past programs were organized in Manila (2007, 2012), Singapore (2008), Thailand (2009), Vietnam (2010), Cambodia (2011) and Manila (2012). More information on this can be found at the following: Parliamentarian Advisory Group TOR (1)

Independent Investigation, UN

One of the victims

One of the victims

Taking the case to ICC is a possibility and the process has already started with legal pursuit at local courts which unlikely will deliver justice to the victims.

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The Same Family

What other businesses does Hun Sen’s family own?

This is the tragedy of the Cambodian people.
Hun Sen’s Sister Linked to Private Security Firm at SL Factory
By Aun Pheap – November 14, 2013 The Cambodia Daily

The younger sister of Prime Minister Hun Sen is the owner of a private security firm that has been hired to protect the SL Garment Factory from its workers, who have been on strike for more than three months, officials at the firm said Wednesday.

Hun Seng Ny, the prime minister’s sister, is the owner of Garuda Securities, according to her assistant at the company, Sareth Thol, who added that the number of security guards employed at SL factory has been ramped up in recent months since strikes began in September.

Police Excessive Use of Force Against Workers, Monks and Others

The 7 monks were released late last night with intervention from head monk and UN and rights workers.

I am in close contact with the US embassy and the trade union leaders. Their safety must be ensured as they might face the law.

Video by The Phnom Penh Post

Photos by Xinhua News.


SL 7

SL 9

Hun Sen Echoes Call for Debt Relief

Food distribution to flood victims in a Muslim community-Battambang

Food distribution to flood victims in a Muslim community-Battambang

This is a good start. More work needed to get the MFIs on board.

Monks in Cambodia’s New Landscape

Photos by Charlotte Pert

At Freedom Park protest

At Freedom Park protest

Marching to the UN Office

Marching to the UN Office

The monks' section at Freedom Park

The monks’ section at Freedom Park

Listen to what our monks are saying and watch what they are doing and give them the protection they will need as they go deeper into the forest and the public life.

Plain-cloth police are always there to take their photographs but they refuse to live in fear.

At Freedom park, they go on stage, and they have front and reserved seats at the Park at every protest.

An excellent article and should be the article and photo of the year.

Same in-depth story of Chuth Wutthy by The Cambodia Daily.

Floods, Debt and the Elderly