Women’s Forum in Myanmar

Main Speakers

Daw Aung san Suu Kyi
Christine Lagarde

Interview with Mu Sochua

Mu SOchua 30

The Women’s Forum interviewed Mu Sochua, Cambodia MP, Human Rights Advocate and speaker at the Women’s Forum Myanmar 2013 about the place of women in Myanmar

Women’s Forum: as a citizen of South-East Asia and as a woman, what do you think about the Women’s Forum that will be hosted in Myanmar next month?

Mu Sochua: “First, the choice of the location for the Women’s Forum is very significant as it gives higher visibility with the participation of world leaders as Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Myanmar is going through some significant democratic changes and the country’s engagement in the world community will further promote people’s participation in development, rule of law, the promotion of human rights and for women of Myanmar as for women in countries that are emerging from a one-party system and conflicts, the Women’s Forum will put the women’s agenda as a high priority. Economic growth must be tied to our women’s ability to benefit from such growth as women are key actors in the protection of the environment, of the survival of their families and social justice. We have our South-east Asian values that are founded on family values but these values are challenged with globalization, migration, and gender-based violence.”

More: http://www.womens-forum.com/stories/meet-with-mu-sochua-cambodia-mp-and-human-rights-advocate/88

I will speak at this session

Freedom of expression
Friday, 6 Dec., 18:45-19:45

The site for the Women’s Forum

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