The Cambodian Youth Are Rallying Again

2013 electoral campaign

2013 electoral campaign

We are at Day 2 of the CNRP Non-Stop Non-violent Mass Protest campaign that was kicked off on Sunday 15 December.

Watch this, hear this: Mr. Hun Sen you lost ! Re-elections and Step down!

and this

Loud enough?
Over 5,000 protesters took the the streets, lead by Sam Rainsy and Kem Sokha.
Last night, the same crowd rallied on motocylces, 90% youth , shouting :

Re-election! Hun Sen Step Down!

Outside observers and the international community are almost clueless to what and where the pulse of today’s political scene is. Same as during the election. No one gave the CNRP a chance of winning. And we did. Thanks to the youth and thanks to Mr. Hun Sen himself for being over confident and for not having an election message. The CPP was so sure of their “achievements” . What they ask of the people : be grateful. Be thankful for what you have. No change.

Cambodia’s destiny is at Freedom Park, every day. The Cambodia Spring is here and crafted differently than the Arab Spring. The cherry flowers will not blossom for just 2 weeks and fade away.

The Cambodia National Rescue Party is on radio, on social media, at Freedom Park conversing with the people from all walks of life, in particular the youth.

Youth today are vocal. We listen to them on social media. They want rapid change, the Arab Spring.

CNRP is saying : Cambodia Spring.

This means, opening democracy door slowly to engage people from the base to stand up , to rise up and to live above fear. And we can not go back to living in fear.

We want no bloodshed. The power we seek is People Power similar to the Philippines so Cambodia can be led by democrats. And not a spring to return to a deadly winter.

Daily event at Freedom Park:

4-5PM : Entertainment by CNRP Youth Band and People ‘s Forum

5-6PM : Mass rally

Sunday 5-6PM : Special event

CNRP MPs-elect are assigned into 8 groups to be onsite at freedom park 24/7.


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