Keeping Democracy ALive

Let’s start from the beginning:

The 2013 July elections were marred with serious irregularities. Independent reports findings can not be undermined.

The call for an independent investigation, fr in-depth reforms and for re-elections is a call to put democracy on track for Cambodia.

Justice for our workers who demand living wages

Freedom Park was where the spirit of the nation was kept alive.

The international community must be united to demonstrate its true support for democratic principles.

The world is watching Cambodia moving back to civil war but we will continue to stand tall for our fight and to abide by the principles of non-violence.

Do not just watch this video, but take your time to write to your government to stop supporting dictators.

Write to the international brands that use the labor of our people and let them know that US$160 is justice. They do not have to leave Cambodia but unite among themselves to give a clear message to GMAC and to the govt. that their brands represent justice.


4 responses to “Keeping Democracy ALive

  1. I’ve just send your video link to GAP and H&M.
    They have a a section on their website, called “how our prices can it be so cheap?”.
    So sweet …
    Keep the force with you.


    please invite all Germans u know to the protest in Berlin! 12.01.2014! We stand with you

  3. Thank you for the great advice.

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