Who Is Behind the Crack Down of the Striking Workers?

Thank you Brad Adams for this report


And each time the CNRP leadership meets with diplomats, they want us to ensure non-violence during our protests.

Many phone calls were made to diplomats when 911 military fore was spreading terror and detaining union leaders and others on 2 January. We made our plea till almost mid-night for the UN and LICADHO medical staff to provide medical care to the wounded but to no avail.

To those Western countries that have and continue to train the Cambodian army and the gendarmerie, the time has come to conduct an independent investigation and not continue to be part of this culture of impunity.

The international community should speak with one voice and meet with Hun Sen. Who gave the order to use the 911 force and for more terror to go on on 3 January on Veng Sreng street and the crackdown of Democracy Square on 4 January?

This video clip was taken by a group of terrorized female workers witnessing the savage beating of workers at the roof top of their homes. it is one of many produced by eye witnesses. Thanks to social media collecting evidence for investigation and for ICC can be made easier.

Thanks to all those who risk their lives to record, report and to provide care.

Leaders of the CNRP and the trade unions are questioned by the court while those who commit the crime are still in power.

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