Breaking the Political Stalemate

The root cause: the failure to resolve the contested results of the July election tainted with serious irregularities.

Human rights violations of the past two weeks have pushed up the level of the political crisis

Pushing towards resolutions

By imposing on CNRP MPs-elect to take their seats in parliament before any assurances,and/or power sharing and a road map to the “comprehensive reforms” is developed keeps the situation at a standstill position.

Hun Sen has promised “comprehensive reforms”since 1993

Sam Rainsy MPs took their seats when there was the same stalemate in 2008 believing in the conduct of “comprehensive reforms”.

The CPP has never respected the roles and functions of a loyal opposition.

Objectives of negotiations:

Finding common ground for the two parties to engage and to commit to agreements made;

Build trust between the political parties and;

Engage voters by building a channel of communication.

Step 1:developing assurances in a form of a contract signed by both parties with acknowledgment of a third party.

Step 2: Sharing responsibilities in the conduct of comprehensive reforms with a clear road map for early elections and moving Cambodia on a democratic path.

The mindset of “winner take all” must be changed to shared responsibilities with the notion of inclusiveness and that Cambodia belongs to the majority as well as the minority.

The CNRP maintains its initial proposal:

1/conduct of an independent investigation of the July elections as a base for future electoral reforms;

2/ early elections (by 2015).

Negotiations can not be conducted in an atmosphere of threats and legal pursuits.

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