Name, Shame, Investigate and Sanction Hun Sen

Finally Gareth Evans speaks out against Hun Sen who he worked with and praised him for his leadership.

Now the call for name and shame so Hun Sen can be stopped from “getting away with murder”.

The name and shame game comes almost always after much damage is done to democracy and it takes commitment and courage of the international community and/or those who have world recognition to make that call.

In my work with diplomats, I have seen those who don’t even see there is murder committed because they fear the challenge of challenging Hun Sen and those who want to be brave but are waiting for a crowd and those who have made the call but are left out in the cold.

Our appreciation to Gareth Evans and let’s hope more brave names will be added to the list.

My remarks about liberty and freedom at the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy on 25 February, 2014.


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