The Crime They Never Committed


Speaking of hope and justice with Heun Chan at the Rehabilitation Center, with Sophorn Larry and Chan's mother.

Speaking of hope and justice with Heun Chan at the Rehabilitation Center, with Sophorn Larry and Chan’s mother.

While victims of state violence cry out for justice, Mr. Hun Sen cries out for more possible violence when he announced that the ban on protest would be lifted but he would divide Democracy Square into two parts- the pro and the anti-government groups.

Instead of taking action to render justice to the victims, Mr. Hun Sen’s solution is more violence. Mr. Hun Sen is in charge of the armed forces and the police. If he did not give order to kill then WHO? Where is the independent investigation needed to investigate? Plenty of captured evidence on social media. Public prosecutors will not act till there is order from Mr. Hun Sen.

What is the real cause of the problem?

Heun Chan is paralyzed for life, children will never know why those who killed their fathers were never brought to justice.

However, Heun Chan and others will not be forgotten. To those of us who want to see an end to impunity and to put hope in the lives of our people, we will continue to find peaceful and democratic solutions to the end of Mr. Hun Sen’s leadership.

Among those who visit Heun Chan when he was in his deep depression is Sphorn Larry. The two men have bonded like brothers.

Sophorn Larry himself is a victim of political discrimination when major companies stopped their contracts with him as a singer and actor. Larry fights back and becomes more vocal.

Sophorn Larry and I speak of hope and justice with Heun Chan and his mother.

The video received over 700 days the first it was posted.


One response to “The Crime They Never Committed


    Thank you Aun Sochua for the excellent article. We had a very good mission of CWHO distribution to the poor women in Ocha organized by Rozeth. She did an excellent job in organizing the activity. We are very grateful to her and to you. May I have her email so I can communicate to her. Have a succesful trip in Europe.  

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