Return to Thailand Does Not Solve Farmers’ Problems

Less than a year ago, over 60,000 Cambodian farmers in the border area were hit with heavy floods that forced them to leave their villages to seek work in Thailand in order to make monthly payments to micro-finance institutions and to pay other debts. At the time Hun Sen assigned former Finance Minister to find solutions for the victims. Nothing has come of it.

Over 200,000 Cambodian workers were deported back from Thailand in the last 10 days. This week, the Minister of Labor is looking at safer alternatives to send the workers back to Thailand.

The question is : what about solutions to keep the workers in Cambodia?

The alternatives are: 1/ financial support to MFIs to reduce interest rate ( CNRP made the proposal during the floods); 2/ postponement of payments to MFIs; 3/ pay youth to attend skills training programs ; 3/ allocate social economic concessions to farmers with no land or return of their land given as economic concessions; 4/ living wage.

Cambodian workers deported from Thailand


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