Blood Sugar

This is not the end of the story.

Let’s go back to the beginning:

1/ the controversy about the economic land concessions signed by Hun Sen, began around 2006 and should have been an alarm to ANZ when the villagers started to protest;

2/ confrontations between villagers and police escalated with intervention of the army in favor of the senator and his wife;

3/ villagers were arrested and sent to court;

4/ the concessions went over the 10,000 hectares as stipulated in the 2001 Land Law.

ANZ failed to look into these facts when accepted tycoon/senator Ly Yong Phat company as a client in 2010.

Let us not forget also that another close ally of Hun Sen who runs the show for ANZ Cambodia is another Cambodian tycoon, Kith Meng .

The concerted effort from all of us to give ANZ our message is to withdraw our money from the bank till we see more action for compensation to the victims.

The UN is using ANZ in Cambodia.

Who else ? Let us put our money where our conscience is.


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