Walking for Gender Justice

It has been a long journey but every step is a blessing.

I thank my people, and in particular the women who have inspired me despite their life challenges. They stand tall. They persevere. They are not victims but survivors of development without justice.

I thank Vital Voices and the photographers who capture the exact moment with their passion.




4 responses to “Walking for Gender Justice

  1. Dear Ms Sochua,

    I firmly believe in the visions set out by the Vital Voices campaign- particularly with regards to Cambodian women being actively encouraged and empowered to engage with the Cambodian legal system.

    As you well know, justice can only be properly delivered by a transparent and competent legal system which is representative of the whole society it serves. This is particularly important when cases which come before the court include a gender based aspect- such as gender based violence crimes.

    I am currently volunteering with the Cambodian Defenders Project and in the process of applying for funding for our Gender Based Violence program. We would love to include a project in this proposal which would encourage Cambodian women to take a more active role in the legal system and any ideas you may have on how achieve this.

    While I recognize this issue is an up-hill battle and some consider it an impossible task, my belief is that if you yourself managed to encourage 12,000 women to stand in commune elections 12 years ago, empowering women in the legal sector today should not be seen as an impossible task.

    I’d love to hear any ideas you, or any of your colleagues, may have on this issue- we’ve considered scholarships, mentoring schemes with prominent national and international female lawyers as well as funding lectures by Ms.Leang Chea .

    Your input on this issue would be hugely beneficial and warmly welcomed.

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