Stop the Kangaroo Court

In 2011, Venerable Loun Sovath, an Award-winning Buddhist monk was questioned by the Court of Phnom Penh. His case was linked to the case involving the People Power Movement. The leader was accused of terrorism and his members ate now serving time in prison. However, The Couryt found no evidence against Venerable Loun Sovath but they refused to drop charges.

In 2012, the prosecutor asked to get the two cases separated.

The judge announced this morning that Venerable Loun Sovath’s case should be separated from the People Power case, therefore he should not have been invited for a trial. It was just a technical error. Again, the judge declined to accept the dropping of charges against Ven. Loun Sovath.

It is no “technical error” but a complete case of intimidation with a clear message to dissidents that even your high monk can not escape the Courts.

This game must stop.

The govt. Continues to fail to deal with the real issue: to return the land to the people.

Venerable Loun Sovath after 2 hours in the Court room where there was no trial.

Free for the moment but the charges continue to be a threat to his activism.


3 responses to “Stop the Kangaroo Court

  1. Keep up and stand up

  2. The total absence of armed police (except for a few traffic cops) outside of the courthouse seemed to indicate that the police knew the outcome of the proceedings inside before they even started, but the court wasted everyone’s time anyway.

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