Building a Culture of Dialogue for Cambodia

2014 began with the killings of workers by paratroopers and the year was filled with other challenges to democracy, including the detention of my colleagues and myself.

Those challenges were somewhat the perfect storm as the people of Cambodia continue to move forward with our determination for change.

By the end of the year we turned a new page and move forward with a new culture of dialogue.

Here is the summary of 2014 and the beginning of 2015

I wish to thank you all for your support.


2 responses to “Building a Culture of Dialogue for Cambodia

  1. Bonne et Courageuse Année 2015 à vous Sochua et à tous ceux qui veulent construire un Cambodge démocratique et libre. La liberté de pouvoir se loger dignement, de pouvoir aller à l’école, le respect des travailleurs et de leur droit de propriété, le droit aux soins et pour ce faire la liberté de choisir ceux qui gouvernent. Many wishes. Hopefully they will come true. Plein d’espoirs pour 2015. Et surtout respect Madame.

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