Culture of Dialogue Travelling from Cambodia to Malaysia

The reception co- hosted in Kuala Lumpur for 300 Cambodian workers, students and business people by Prime Minister Hun Sen and Minority Leader on 25 April, 2015 lasted close to 3 hours in a packed room. Tje participants travelled hours to dialogue with their top leaders.

” I have waited for this moment for 8 years. My personal experience with our embassy in Malaysia has not been positive. When the emnassy staff heard that Imwas a worker they hung claiming that they could not travel the 45 kms. As workers we are not well served” , first worker who took the floor.

” We want free passport services. We can not afford to go home when our passports expire. We want no fees charged on workers”, a worker came up with receipts for services he paid tomthe Camvodian embassy.

” We want scholarships from our government. We want to return home when we graduate but we know our knowledge will gomto waste when we return. I ama researcher. How can I find a well paid job in Cambodia?” , a young female student.

” I am an illegal worker. I just left my employer but i have no papers as the employment agency took them from me. I want to stay. I can not find work in Cambodia” , a female illegal worker siad looking very fearful.

I connected with NGOs to secure a place for her to stay and get protection for a safe passage home. She can return thru an official agency.

The Prime Minister took notes and respinded positively romrequests and recommendations.

This is an unprecendented event.

Culture of dialogue means dialogue with the people.





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