Human Trafficking From Country of Origin to Final Destination

From anywhere in Cambodia, to Thailand, to Malaysia.

In Cambodia, agents for the human traffickers roam the most destitute villagers.

The scenario is as follow:

1/ undocumented Migrant workers (MW) get thru the Ca,bodian border at various check points;

2/ they cross to Southern Thailand.

3/the human traffickers pay Thai and Malaysian police to cross the borders;

4/MW find work and live in Cambodian communities in Thailand and Malaysia;

5/MW communties get raided by immigration police periodically;

6/the Cambodian embassy may or may not get informed and may or may not send representative(s) to visit the victims in detention;

7/Local police and others, including embassy staff extort money from MW and their families;

8/MW get released, go back to the same community , look for new employment and wait for the next police operation.

And the cycle of detention, extortion, running way from police starts all over again.

Ait is a totally scam of millions of $.

Who pays?

The victims.

Prime Minister hun Sen and Minority Leader Sam Rainsy heard these stories at a reception they co-hosted in Kuala Lumpur on 25 April, 2015.

The PM woved to look into it with strict orders to the Cambodian ambassador in KL to clean up the embassy. More embassy staff will be added.

No unofficial fees should be collected by the embassy. Detention center visits should be made on time.

Government to Government Agreement will be discussed.

The Minority. Leader will appoint his representatives in Malaysia to liaise with the embassy.

I work closely with NGOs and a trained staff to make quick intervention.

Sam Rainsy visits Cambodian community in Selangor State – 25 April, 2015




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