A New Voter List for Next Elections

A new beginning- one of the results of months street protest and the culture of dialogue.

EU committed to helping Cambodian elections

Published: 20-May-15 05:28PM

PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) — The European Union is committed to helping the election reform in Cambodia, said Sik Bunhok, president of the National Election Committee.

The remark made known after a meeting with a delegation of the EU led by Silvio Gonzato, Director for Human Rights and Democracy at the European External Action Service which discussed on the preparation of new voter lists for commune election and general election to be held in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

“The EU is committed to helping the elections in Cambodia to make it better in the future. Its experts will work directly with NEC’s experts in order to help the preparation of voter registration,” he told reporters.

According to NEC’s President, NEC really wants EU to help in voter registration and new voters’ list elaboration process as well as educating the voters to know their rights.

The NEC will launch the new registration by modern technology in2015, and will prepare the new voter lists in early 2016 for the commune elections.

One of Post election protest at Freedom Park


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