Defending Our Eastern Borders

Mon, 1 June 2015
Meas Sokchea
The Phnom Penh Post

Minor clashes broke out yesterday between Vietnamese authorities and villagers from Tbong Khmum province who were attempting to visit a disputed area of land on which they claim their crops were recently destroyed with toxic chemicals.

More than 400 Memot district villagers, accompanied by opposition lawmakers Mu Sochua, Mao Monyvann, Vann Narith and Ngor Kimcheang, visited the area but were blocked by Vietnamese authorities who they say “poisoned” their crops last month.

The two groups physically pushed at one another before the villagers eventually reached the disputed land after the Vietnamese authorities relented and allowed them to pass.

They are “angry because of losing their farmland. Actually, [the disputed area] is clearly on Khmer land”, Sochua said after the visit.

She added that only Vietnamese soldiers were seen on the land.

Villagers said that their families had farmed on the land for decades.

Choam commune Chief Prak Vanny declined to comment on who the rightful owner of the land was but said Cambodian villagers had been farming there long before it was declared a neutral zone.



Radio Free Asia Photo.


4 responses to “Defending Our Eastern Borders

  1. Sorsdey Madame Sochua, it’s very disturbing news of the land grabbing disputed in between our people who farm there all their lives, and from generation-to-generation…CNRP’s leaders and MP who is representing from that province MUST take this issue up to the National Assembly for discussion and have a general debate to resolve with our counterpart Vietnam…For almost 4 decades since Hun Sen’s CPP installed by Vietnam’s communist since January 7, 1979 to present day, Cambodia borderline Post Markers were build in place by the Vietnam’s communist regime deep inside our Khmer land, and Hun Sen and his CPP are doing nothing to stop this Vietnam’s invader of our khmer land, koshs, rivers, and lands. For the sake of our people well fare and their lively hoods in that region, CNRP’s representatives MUST take hold full action on this hot issue with the CPP’s government as soon as possible and don’t delay any further, because our Khmer people are suffering long enough under this traitors Hun Sen and his CPP’s bandits…

    Warm Regards,

    Montha Ok
    USA, Virginia

    • It is exactly what we are doing .CNRP MPs are standing up, visiting borders, taking this national issue to parliament. To day another delegation of CNRP MPs are in Rattanak Kiri inspecting claims from villagers of Vietnamese encroachment.

      Many critics are not seeing our action and are skeptical of the culture of dialogue. Many are going farther to blame our leadership while failing to see what risk we are taking when faced with Vietnamese soldiers along the border.

      When KHMERS unite can we win.

  2. …Vietnam build many man made water Channels deep inside our khmer land for more than 5 decades, while Hun Sen and his military forces are no where to be seen and patrolling our borderline with Vietnam…You can propose to CNRP to have a special Borderlines Committee set up to study and have full review of all treaty singed by Hun Sen with Vietnam and bring this mater up to the world stage for resolution and this mater must solve by the world body….Use Google Earth Soft ware to view from Space and you can almost have it mapping accurately in according to the world Global’s Mapping of 1/1000 per/square kilometer

    • CNRP MPs are in Rattanak Kiri tonight and will go to the area tomorrow. 15 CNRP MPs have challenged the National border committee on its use of the map.

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