An Inclusive Economic Growth

imagePresident Obama said the words that we want him to say at the opening of the U.S.Asean Summit in Sunnylands yesterday.

” As leaders we have to answer to the aspirations of our people, reaffirm that a strong, prosperous and inclusive society requires good governance, rule of law, accountable institutions, vibrant civil,society and hop holding human rights”.

He summarizes the agenda as:

1/ economic growth that is inclusive, creating employment for all;
2/ mutual security, peaceful resolutions to disputes;
3/ human dignity, respect for human rights;
4/ development that is sustainable.

He uses the case of Burma as a good model.

More work to be done. I am returning to Washington DC early March for follow up work.

Hundreds of Cambodian Americans from around the country were protesting strongly and visibly at the summit site yesterday.


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