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SRP claims ruling party busted for vote-buying

The courage of our elected councilors who will vote this week-end to choose members of the Cambodian senate, deserves more than respect.

CPP vote buying tactics are revealed each time by these very brave grassroots councilors.

“You can threaten us, you can try to buy us but you will never have our votes”, that is the message to CPP.

Is there no shame?

Next step: how will the National election Committee going to deal with this case.

SRP has long talked about CPP vote buying.

Young Women for Democracy- Ramdoul

“I am confident that people will vote for me because I am from this village. I am involved in the struggle of the people to find better ways for their daily survival" - Ramdoul

Born in the Barkrateh village (in Khmer “the broken cart”) , Ramdoul is one of seven children in a family where education has always been a priority. Her parents worked as sellers in the market but their income was very limited. However they were able to loan Ramdoul enough money to attend the Battambang University.

At 25, she already has completed her Bachelor’s` degree in accounting and has been an active party member since 2006. She leads the youth movement in this cluster of villages with skills and experiences she has acquired from youth training from the International Republican Institute(IRI) and her active participation in the Sam Rainsy Party Youth Wing

Her commitment to the empowerment of youth has gained her great recognition from her peers and the party leadership.

She will run for the first time as candidate for the 2012 commune elections. The party is confident that she will win her seat and has trusted her with a winning position on the party list, in Battambang province-North West of Cambodia.

Detained Illegally – Freed by Sam Rainsy Party MPs (video)

 Hear the cry for justice. Take action and do not watch passively.
Write to your local and national politicians about these abuses.
Cambodia is hosting ASEAN . President Obama and Sec. Clinton are expected to attend. We need to tell each story of abuse, in particular of women’s human rights violations as Sec. Clinton is a champion of women’s human rights.
USA should not just think about a strategic presence in ASEAN. USA, like any other country that preach human rights, must come with a very clear message:
Free and fair elections for true and not facade of democracy.–c&list=UUWyICQWsoVEnvBoKtzxuUNg&index=1&feature=plcp

Land is Life

The Sam Rainsy Party teams travel deep inside Cambodia to educate, mobilize and empower the people. 

Let us join our voice and let us take a big step forward through grassroots organizing.

Building Democracy With Women

Building democracy with women is not just smart, it is fair and just. Building democracy is one step at a time and along the way there are moments of full fulfillment and moments of despair.
Along this work in progress of building democracy, I have come across powerful women – they are powerful because of their deep sense of worth and value.
At this moment in time, I am preparing a new team of young and very dynamic young women who are the future of Cambodia.

Proud to be a member of the opposition as it teaches me about values.

I have cried a river along the way and watching my people cross this rapid river to tend their land every day fills my heart with stronger determination that one day, we shall overcome.
When standing there to watch the women and the disabled man cross the river, tears came from the deep wholes in my heart.
I could not cross that river, that day.

June Textile Factory Agrees to Compensate Workers

4,000 workers, mainly women fought for compensation after June Textile factory burned down. After months of facing police, arrest and detention, the women won their fight. June factory agrees to pay compensation. Sam Rainsy Party stood with the workers all the way. Justice prevails.

Mu Sochua, MP
“I do not fear death; I fear political silence against injustices”
-Malalai Joya, MP Afghanistan

Donate to Mu Sochua’s Justice Fund

Fight Corruption Now: Distributing Weal th to Benefit All !

The existence of ‘ghost’ soldiers is no secret to Prime Minister Hun Sen. Millions of dollars of State funds have been lost to corruption committed during the demobilization of soldiers following the 1991 Paris Peace Accords and a second stage of demobilization followed with a US$18.4 million World Bank loan. Marred with corruption, the World Bank discontinued the project.

Last week a request was made by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the Ministry of Social Welfare to return more than US$5 million embezzled through falsified budgets and pensions collected in the name of ‘ghost’ veterans. They also have demanded an immediate and in-depth inquiry of all Ministries concerned. Embezzlement of public funds, falsification of documents are crimes with stiff penalties under the Penal Code and the Anti-Corruption Law.

The time is now for Cambodian people to unite against corruption! Every year until now hundreds of million of dollars has been embezzled by this government and its officials either through the process of collecting revenue, through government expenditure or through government concession policy. This money was intended to be used to better pay for genuine civil servants, teachers and soldiers and especially to allow for the sustainable development of our country.

We, the Members of Parliament of the Sam Rainsy Party can no longer accept what is really a token political gesture to “return” the stolen State funds. This does not go far enough to address what has become a systemic problem in our country – government corruption. We demand the following:

  • An immediate and full independent and public investigation This investigation is to be transparent and objectively conducted into the investigation of all relevant Ministries including the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Council of Ministers on the misappropriation of state funds and those held accountable to be brought for justice. This includes the suspension and criminal retribution of all those found responsible in accordance with Law.
  • The government is to release all falsified documents and expenses including the payroll list for soldiers, civil servants and government contracts (including oil and gas contracts), land, mining concessions and so forth.
  • The government adopt the law on Freedom of Information proposed by the the Sam Rainsy Party Members of Parliament.

Corruption thrives in a climate of secrecy and impunity. Corruption threatens good governance sustainable, democratic process and fair business practices. More importantly corruption creates poverty and human rights abuses.

Sam Rainsy Party Members of Parliament

For further information contact: MP Son Chhay on or MP Mu Sochua on 012- 831040