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Payment Promised to Angkor Beer Promoters

The strike which started on July 25 culminated on August 9, when Phnom Penh’s deputy governor general, Pa Socheatvong, reached an agreement with the women after a 2.5 hour meeting. The governor general will urge Cambrew to pay the women $2 overtime for every Sunday they have worked since 2007. This decision follows that of the arbitration council ruling made on July 25.

The striking women, who have faced significant opposition from Cambrew executives, won the support of local, international and Danish labor unions who criticized both Cambrew and Carlsberg (who own 50% of Angkor beer), for their abysmal treatment of the beer promoters.

Beer Girls Triumph as Payment Promised

Wednesday 10 August, 2011

ANGKOR Beer promoters, who had been striking against Cambrew for unpaid overtime and respect, have won their battle. Each will receive retroactive overtime pay totalling as much as US$320, following intervention by city officials, the president of the union representing them said yesterday….

[Source: Phnom Penh Post]

My Dignity, My Beer- The Phnom Penh Post on August 03, 2011

Send your message of support to the women. I met them this afternoon. They are running out of energy but still determine to fight. They will win. But they need you to send strong messages to Angkor beer. Send your message to the women so they can read them every day. Send water. Send fruits. Send food.

Two of the women are pregnant.


My Beer-My Dignity

The women are still braving rain and police harassment.

Still going strong.

Mu Sochua, MP

“I do not fear death; I fear political silence against injustices”
-Malalai Joya, MP Afghanistan

Donate to Mu Sochua’s Justice Fund

Beer Women Demand Fair Pay from Angkor Beer – Stop Exploitation of Women

Women selling beer at beer gardens in Cambodia have long demanded protection from physical and sexual harassment. Their demand for pay raise is legitimate as US$50/month can not provide them a life with dignity. Their right to form their union is covered in the 1997 Labor Law as well as the Cambodian Constitution.

This is an appeal to all consumers to join our women in their demand and the end of exploitation. For the women to strike is a very courageous public demonstration of their rights.

Enjoy your drink.