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Cambodian Children and Women Are not Slaves

After reading the article “Maid Agency Rescues 22 Women, Girls”  on the front page of the Cambodia Daily on October 5th, 2011, I began to reflect: Cambodia runs the risk of being seen as not the Kingdom of Wonder but a country that turns its back to its most valuable human potentials.
Sending Cambodian children and our poorest young women to Malaysia as domestic workers must be suspended temporarily until mechanisms for the protection of the rights of the workers are ensured.Police and the Courts have taken action to close down and prosecute the owner as staff of Century Manpower but this case by case action is just putting a band aid to a very serious wound that is a serious violation of human rights, debt bondage and modern slavery.
Indonesia stopped sending domestic workers to Malaysia for two years and now a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between the two countries that address the most fundamental rights and protection of the domestic workers.

Free Malaysia Today: Cambodia’s warrior woman

Stephanie Sta Maria | September 9, 2011

From thousands of miles away, Mu Sochua is fighting for the well being of every Cambodian domestic worker in Malaysia.


KUALA LUMPUR: Cambodian opposition MP Mu Sochua moves like a feline. Silent, solitary and very much alert. So when she arrived at the Tenaganita headquarters she indulged in a quiet moment of observation before being spotted.

Then the greetings gushed forth with the most ebullient coming from seven young Cambodian girls who could not believe that the voice they have only heard on the radio was standing before them.

The seven are among 41 domestic workers rescued by Tenaganita from abusive employers this year alone. Sochua, 57, came to Malaysia to hear their stories and to seek the truth behind the sudden death of another worker in Penang.

Choy Pich, 19, was found dead in her employer’s house on July 17. Police ruled that she died of pneumonia but Sochua believes that the teenager was beaten to death and is determined to prove it.

Any other guest on such a controversial mission to Malaysia would likely be intercepted by immigration officials and deported. But Sochua’s low-key movements enabled her to enter the country without any hassle.

Continue reading on Free Malaysia Today.


Building Democracy With Women

Building democracy with women is not just smart, it is fair and just. Building democracy is one step at a time and along the way there are moments of full fulfillment and moments of despair.
Along this work in progress of building democracy, I have come across powerful women – they are powerful because of their deep sense of worth and value.
At this moment in time, I am preparing a new team of young and very dynamic young women who are the future of Cambodia.

Proud to be a member of the opposition as it teaches me about values.

I have cried a river along the way and watching my people cross this rapid river to tend their land every day fills my heart with stronger determination that one day, we shall overcome.
When standing there to watch the women and the disabled man cross the river, tears came from the deep wholes in my heart.
I could not cross that river, that day.

Maid given a meal and forced to work 17 hours in Malaysia

Although the case is being handled by the Malaysian authorities, and the 3 suspects are arrested, the case should not end here.

The employment agency in Malaysia and in Cambodia still bear the responsibility of not fulfilling their duty: ensuring safe working conditions for the employee that they place.

This is not the first and not the last case if both governments continue to fail to act on this very serious issue: clean up this business of enslaving women in domestic work.

New Straits Times
Saturday, Aug 06, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR – The Cambodian maid rescued from a house in Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut, on Wednesday was not only abused by her employer but was also forced to work 17 hours at two different locations.

Police investigations revealed that the 25-year-old woman, identified as Neak Ban, was also given only one meal a day.

Sentul deputy police chief Superintendent Othman Abu Bakar said three suspects

My Dignity, My Beer- The Phnom Penh Post on August 03, 2011

Send your message of support to the women. I met them this afternoon. They are running out of energy but still determine to fight. They will win. But they need you to send strong messages to Angkor beer. Send your message to the women so they can read them every day. Send water. Send fruits. Send food.

Two of the women are pregnant.


Help Increase the Number of Women Candidates in Cambodia

Women’s empowerment must start within the party but also in society. Women’s empowerment is not only critical to the promotion of the rights and well-being of women, it is central to the development and strengthening of Cambodian fledgling democracy. Cambodian democracy cannot fulfill its potential when half of its citizenry is underrepresented.

Read how you can donate to the Justice Fund, which aims to help more women get elected in Cambodia.


July 31, 2011

Dear Compatriots,

We are very pleased to invite you, family and friends to a public gathering which will be held in honour of our elected member of Cambodian parliament, Ms. Mu Sochua. A former Minister of Women’s Affairs and

a leading human rights activist, MP Mu has been a defending champion of Cambodian women’s rights and dignity. She has been inspirational in her fearless journey to empower Cambodian women, promote and defend their rights and dignity.

This public gathering will be held on SUNDAY, August 7, 2011, from 2:00pm – 9:00pm, at Centre de Loisir located on 1375 rue Grenet, Ville Saint Laurent, Quebec, Canada.

For detail information and contact info., please CLICK HERE

Your supports and encouragement is vital to the cause of advancing Cambodian women’s rights and dignity inside our native land. Hope to see you all there.

Truly Yours,

Pretty Ma, SG

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