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Land is Life

The Sam Rainsy Party teams travel deep inside Cambodia to educate, mobilize and empower the people. 

Let us join our voice and let us take a big step forward through grassroots organizing.

June Textile Factory Agrees to Compensate Workers

4,000 workers, mainly women fought for compensation after June Textile factory burned down. After months of facing police, arrest and detention, the women won their fight. June factory agrees to pay compensation. Sam Rainsy Party stood with the workers all the way. Justice prevails.


Mu Sochua, MP

“I do not fear death; I fear political silence against injustices”
-Malalai Joya, MP Afghanistan

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Planting Democracy Seeds in Former Khmer Rouge Territory

Building democracy in this part of Cambodia-a strong hold of the Cambodian People’s Party is a challenge to the mind and the body. The CPP in Samlot is led by former Khmer Rouge soldiers who reintegrated with the Cambodian Royal Armed Forces in 1997.

Inspecting party signs

For our team, coming to this territory to bring a message of change is similar to the farmers preparing the field. The hard work continues on with seed planting, weeding, watering, till it is time for harvest.

My body is aching from a cold and weakened by the challenge of walking from field to field. Members of the team consult each other when we can’t seem to get the message of change through to the villagers who have lived with fear for over two decades-the legacy of the Khmer Rouges, responsible for the killing of 1.7 million Cambodians.

Despite daily threats, intimidation, villagers who have lost or about to lose their land seem to be stuck with the same feeling: what if the village chief finds ut that we are from the opposition.

My colleagues and I use the word “democracy”, “human rights”, “freedom” with a lot of caution. We spend hours listening, convincing, and reassuring that only when farmers have title of their land can they live in peace. Land tenure is a right, to men and women.

We have been coming to this territory for the past 15 years but our votes go no farther than 10%.

We train women and youth, we empower the few who have shown courage to continue the struggle.

12 more months before local elections. Time is short. In Some villages, we have no representatives.

Very few organizations here. very little attention given to human rights and democracy.

A true challenge but we are inspired by the courage of our representatives.

Thanks to IT, I am able to blog, tweet and post on facebook.

blogging and tweeting with the help of a 3G cell card

Forgot malaria pills back in the city. Spread myself with mosquito repellant, hoping that it will work.


Typing this inside a mosquito net and under a light run on battery.


All for Democracy.


19 July, 2011

Fight Corruption Now: Distributing Weal th to Benefit All !

The existence of ‘ghost’ soldiers is no secret to Prime Minister Hun Sen. Millions of dollars of State funds have been lost to corruption committed during the demobilization of soldiers following the 1991 Paris Peace Accords and a second stage of demobilization followed with a US$18.4 million World Bank loan. Marred with corruption, the World Bank discontinued the project.

Last week a request was made by the Ministry of Economy and Finance for the Ministry of Social Welfare to return more than US$5 million embezzled through falsified budgets and pensions collected in the name of ‘ghost’ veterans. They also have demanded an immediate and in-depth inquiry of all Ministries concerned. Embezzlement of public funds, falsification of documents are crimes with stiff penalties under the Penal Code and the Anti-Corruption Law.

The time is now for Cambodian people to unite against corruption! Every year until now hundreds of million of dollars has been embezzled by this government and its officials either through the process of collecting revenue, through government expenditure or through government concession policy. This money was intended to be used to better pay for genuine civil servants, teachers and soldiers and especially to allow for the sustainable development of our country.

We, the Members of Parliament of the Sam Rainsy Party can no longer accept what is really a token political gesture to “return” the stolen State funds. This does not go far enough to address what has become a systemic problem in our country – government corruption. We demand the following:

  • An immediate and full independent and public investigation This investigation is to be transparent and objectively conducted into the investigation of all relevant Ministries including the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Council of Ministers on the misappropriation of state funds and those held accountable to be brought for justice. This includes the suspension and criminal retribution of all those found responsible in accordance with Law.
  • The government is to release all falsified documents and expenses including the payroll list for soldiers, civil servants and government contracts (including oil and gas contracts), land, mining concessions and so forth.
  • The government adopt the law on Freedom of Information proposed by the the Sam Rainsy Party Members of Parliament.

Corruption thrives in a climate of secrecy and impunity. Corruption threatens good governance sustainable, democratic process and fair business practices. More importantly corruption creates poverty and human rights abuses.

Sam Rainsy Party Members of Parliament

For further information contact: MP Son Chhay on sonchhay@yahoo.com or MP Mu Sochua on 012- 831040

Free and fair elections-Reforms Needed in Cambodia

Mu Sochua Interview with Radio Free Asia/ 14 July, 2011, in Khmer.


Radio Free Asia: Has there been any reforms of the electoral process?

Mu Sochua: yes, but minor reforms.

RFA: If Mr. Sam Rainsy is prevented from returning to Cambodia, will the party look for a substitute?

MS: It is out of the question. The real problem is electoral reforms. Mr. Sam Rainsy is a victim of political persecution. If his legal records are not cleared, his does not have a chance to stand as a candidate for election. I am also a victim of this political persecution. Does it mean that I also have to be replaced as a candidate? it is not for the victim for find solution. It is for reforms to happen in order for free and fair elections to be guaranteed.

RFA: What is SRP strategy for the return of Mr. Sam Rainsy?

MS: the party is calling on the signatories of the Paris Peace Accords to reconvene and to review the conditions put forward in the 1991 Paris Peace Accords. Free and fair election, non-violence, democracy, these are all part of the accords. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression must be upheld, that is part of the accords.

RFA: Is mass demonstration – Malaysia style something SRP is considering despite recent government crackdowns?

MS: We are not at mass demonstration yet. We hope to have all stakeholders come together to find solutions. We do not see this as just SRP responsibility. We, as Cambodians must share the same task to push for electoral reforms. We call on all Cambodian citizens to defend their fundamental right: the right to vote. Demonstrations are our rights that we can exercise.

RFA: If Mr. Sam Rainsy can not return, will SRP consider a mass demonstration?

MS: there is no “f”. For election to be called free and fair, Mr. Sam Rainsy must return. Mass demonstration is one of the solutions.

Mu Sochua’s trip to Finland and Norway

Press Release

President Tarja Halonen of Finland with MP, Mu Sochua at the opening of the conference on Women Inspiring the World, in Vilnius-Lithuania

The Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) chapter in Finland would like to inform the public that Mrs. Mu Sochua, a Member of Parliament from the SRP was attending in the conference on Women Inspiring the World in Lithuania. She is expecting to leave for Helsinki this evening and will have a meeting with Cambodian community in Espoo of Finland from 20-22PM.

On Sunday morning, 03.07.2011 she will leave for Kristiansand of Norway. SRP-Norway will warmly welcome her in a meeting. She will flight back to Finland on Monday.

On Tuesday 5 July she will meet Hanna Gehör an advisor of the President Tarja Halonen of Finland in the Presidental Palace at 10AM. She will meet Minister for Foreign Affairs, Erkki Tuomioja in the Ministry at 14:30.

Mu Sochua will go to visit the office of Taksvärkki and will have a dinner with the leaders of the Cambodian Friendship Association before she goes back to Cambodia in the midnight.

For more information please contact:
Sar Sophorn
H.P: (358) 405634631
E-mail: sophornsar@yahoo.com

Back in Battambang – Sesame Fields Forever

Thursday, June 09, 2011
By Mu Sochua

Six AM breakfast in Phnom Penh followed by a 4 hour drive up North to Battambang lands us in Koh Kroloh district of the province. The more off-road our journey gets the closer we get to the village, where landless people are having their sesame crops destroyed by what is being recalled as “the others”.

The land we stand on used to be a forest occupied by the Khmer Rouge, before integrating with the Royal Government Forces in 1997, and is now being seized by army chiefs. Despite the fact that the land is state owned, meaning that it is available for social concessions- for landless people, high ranking officials as well as private parties secretly want to keep this land as private. The issue has been brought up by landless farmers who have came from neighbouring districts in hope of harvesting state land as a mean for their livelihoods. The government on the provincial level has refused to come in and take control of the situation, leaving actions taken on this land highly questionable and evidently harmful for the landless farmers who have been residing the area for a number of years now.

After meeting with the farmers and investigating the damaged fields, Sochua, her team and the victims were brought to the local police station to personally discuss land issues with the authorities.


Sochua holding sesame crops


Sochua talking with farmers about their destroyed land.


Walking towards destroyed field.


Farmers brought to police to discuss land issues w/ local authorities.


Investigating destroyed sesame crops.


Investigating destroyed sesame crops 2



Local transportation.


Local transportation 2




Sam Rainsy Party member at work.


Landless farmer, victim of land mine


In the fields.


Listening to their thoughts and concerns.

Photos by Philip Skoczkowski