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Who Killed Chea Vichea?

Chea Vichea's daughter was only a toddler when he was assassinated in 2004.

Chea Vichea's daughter was only a toddler when he was assassinated in 2004. (Photo from the film WHO KILLED CHEA VICHEA? © 2010 Loud Mouth Films)

Chea Vichea not only led the workers’ movement of Cambodia, he challenged all those in politics in a country that came out of genocide and continues to be governed by one strong man. Chea Vichea accepted nothing less for the workers than their fundamental rights for respect and their right for dignity.

This year will mark the 8th year of Chea Vichea’s assassination and yet the killers are still free. Cambodians officially may not know the real killers but we have a very clear idea who gave the order.

The real killers will be found the day Cambodia is governed with rule of law.

Remembering 22 January, 2004 keeps the hope for us that justice is real and not just right but an absolute element of freedom.

The Chea Vichea Fund for Workers’ Rights

Chea Mony 012 941 308
Roung Choun: 012 930 706

My Dignity, My Beer- The Phnom Penh Post on August 03, 2011

Send your message of support to the women. I met them this afternoon. They are running out of energy but still determine to fight. They will win. But they need you to send strong messages to Angkor beer. Send your message to the women so they can read them every day. Send water. Send fruits. Send food.

Two of the women are pregnant.


Maid’s Death:Cambodian MP wants answers

The letter to the Malaysian Embassy in Phnom Penh was sent two days ago. Another problem with this case is the return of the body. The recruitment agency is looking for solution to cover the heavy cost. The family claims for the body- for a proper religious ceremony and funerals.

Awaiting official reports for this latest case and a previous case which the domestic worker retracts her claim of sexual assault by the father of the employer.

Maid’s death: Cambodian MP wants answers
Free Malaysia Today
Mu Sochua pledges to hound Malaysian authorities to get to the bottom of Mu Sochua has promised to find answers to Choy Phich’s death and said that
Free Malaysia Today

June Textile Factory Agrees to Compensate Workers

4,000 workers, mainly women fought for compensation after June Textile factory burned down. After months of facing police, arrest and detention, the women won their fight. June factory agrees to pay compensation. Sam Rainsy Party stood with the workers all the way. Justice prevails.


Mu Sochua, MP

“I do not fear death; I fear political silence against injustices”
-Malalai Joya, MP Afghanistan

Donate to Mu Sochua’s Justice Fund

Beer Women Demand Fair Pay from Angkor Beer – Stop Exploitation of Women

Women selling beer at beer gardens in Cambodia have long demanded protection from physical and sexual harassment. Their demand for pay raise is legitimate as US$50/month can not provide them a life with dignity. Their right to form their union is covered in the 1997 Labor Law as well as the Cambodian Constitution.

This is an appeal to all consumers to join our women in their demand and the end of exploitation. For the women to strike is a very courageous public demonstration of their rights.

Enjoy your drink.


Worker march blocked- Phnom Penh Post

Police in Sen Sok district blocked a march planned for yesterday by workers from the June Textile garment factory, who have been demanding severance payments since the facility burned down in March.

Roughly 100 workers and activists gathered outside June Textile yesterday, planning to march to the capital’s Freedom Park and to government buildings.

Read the full article at the Phnom Penh Post website.

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The company is reported to have received US$19 million.

The workers will fight and go as far as call for boycott of clothes produced by the company, sold in USA and Europe.

The plight of the workers is adding strength and power to the villagers’ determination to keep their land.

Power to the people!

Help them by sending letters of support.

Mu Sochua

Standing with Workers to Defend Rights

Sam Rainsy Party elected members of parliament joined over 3,000 workers on the 125th Anniversary Labor Day, 1 May, 2011. The SRP continues to stand with workers to defend their fundamental rights.

SRP appeals for a minimum wage of US$100 to help workers and civil servants meet the high cost of food, fuel, transportion and housing. Workers are entitled to free public services including health care. Decent life starts with decent wages and safety and security at the work place.

SRP calls on the government to withdraw its proposed draft Union Law. if adopted by parliament, the law will severely limit the freedom  and rights of trade unions as stated in the existing 1997 Labor Law.

 SRP continues to demand the identification and the prosecution of those responsible for the assassination of Chea Vichea, the leader of the workers’ movement in Cambodia, on 22 january, 2004.

SRP calls on the Cambodian Courts to drop charges and release union leaders charged and detained unjustly for crimes their did not commit.

 Phnom Penh
1 May, 2011