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Women in the Hands of Police Violence

She fainted but the water canon kept on going.

She fainted but the water canon kept on going.

Press Statement
State Violence Against Women Must Be Condemned
The Cambodian National Rescue Party strongly condemns the act of violence
committed and targeted against women by police and military police in the past and in
particular in the past two days.
CNRP calls on the government to take full responsibility in addressing the demands
of victims of forced evictions through peaceful dialogues and to use win-win approach for
resolution. Similarly, CNRP calls on all concerned parties to come to the negotiating table
and refer to the Labor Law to resolve workers’ demands and not the use of state forces to
clamp down on protesters.
The CNRP is very alarmed by the incident in front of Sabrina factory on 27 May, 2013
where two pregnant workers were brutally assaulted by police and subsequently had
miscarriages. Independent investigation must be conducted for sanction and services
rendered to the victims.
Today’s brutal use of water canon in front of the governor’s office to disperse the
villagers from the Beung Kak Lake community shows the government’s total lack of
accountability to the safety of women and it must be condemned.
The suffering of women who protest against injustice must end now

4,000 Workers Demand Living Wage

Mu Sochua "workers are not the enemies"

Mu Sochua “workers are not the enemies”

4,000 workers on strike for living wage, in Kompong Speu.

To build a strong and skilled labor force for a fair and equitable economic growth, the Cambodia National Rescue government has the responsibility and duty to promote decent employment in safe working environment and ensure living wage for workers to support the safety and dignity of their families.

Youth Shaping Democracy for Cambodia

The students who stood up to challenge the integrity of the UN Rapporteur’s report on Cambodia human rights situaiton have their own right to express their views. It does not matter where they come from.

It is up to us to take action and Nikki , in her own video did so, from her heart and her strong believe in where Cambodia should go.

It is very encouraging that youths are going to social media to get information that is otherwise not available. Each click, each like or dislike is moving democracy forward when they trigger exchange of views and debates.

let us imagine if there was total darkness.

Thank you, Nikki for the tears and the pains and the hope for Cambodia.
To the students of Mekong University, you made news. A young monk stood up to support the report.
Let’s applaud Cambodian youths!!

All that is asked for : respect for people’s views and let’s unite despite our differences.

Our challenge: Making democracy work.

protest 2

Over 5,000 came. Many young from social media.

Puma Shoes Part of the Problem in Shooting of Workers

The big brands going for cheap labor in Cambodia or elsewhere will always get away in these countries when justice is for sale and in the hands of those in power. As consumers, we can be on the side of workers to demand for justice for the 3 women who were injured. Boycott Puma and other international brands that do not sign up for economic justice.

Launch of Cambodia National Rescue Party Women’s Platform

sugar plant


In recognition of women’s vital role in the rescue of the core Khmer values of mutual respect, compassion and justice; the CNRP is committed to ensuring the equality and security of all women to achieve progress in Cambodia.


Empowering all women to strengthen the foundation of Cambodian society through equal participation in all spheres of public and private life; guaranteeing opportunities to achieve women’s financial security, social welfare, land, education, health and justice

— (Part 1)


On site, a few hours after

On site, a few hours after

In our letter to the Ministers of Labour and Social Affairs, we refer to the following articles of the Labour Law:

Chapter 8 : Health and Safety of Workers- Scope of Application

Article 230:

All establishments and work places must be set up to guarantee the safety of workers.

The law also allows the Labour Ministry to prepare order(s) (Prakas) as measures
for enforcing workers’ safety in particular for:

• risks of falling
• moving heavy objects
• protection from dangerous machines and apparatus.

From eyewitnesses, a portion of the ceiling collapsed, crushing workers under steel and concrete.

Article 233: Inspections

Labour inspectors and controllers should conduct inspections for the purpose of enforcement of the provisions I the law.

Opposition MPs ask for report(s) of inspection(s).

According to the governor of the province, the factory did not ask for a permit to construct this part of the factory that collapsed.

Chapter 9: Work-Related Accidents

Article: 249: Managers of enterprise are liable for all work-related accidents.

We want to see full, independent and professional investigation with all details available to the public.

A simple “compensation” of a few thousands dollars should not be accepted as a way to close the case as in many work related accidents and deaths.

MPs letter will go out next Monday to the two ministries.

Opposition MPs and trade union representatives will visit the workers Sunday 19 May at 8Am to inform them of the law and their rights.

A few hours after the tragedy occured