Updates from the Campaign Trail

As in the majority of countries around the world, women in Cambodia, have historically been largely absent from the political decision-making process. Today, Cambodia still holds a strong culture of disregard towards women’s qualifications and crucial need for socio-political education. As MP for the leading opposition party, the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP), Mu Sochua has worked tirelessly to put women at the forefront of Cambodian society and politics.

In her consistuency, Battambang Province, Mu Sochua is working to strengthen women’s networks in general and most particularly, the SRP’s Women’s Wing.  With the support of the whole party and her team, she is working forcefully in preparation for the next local election (2012), with resources being mobilized to select local women to be trained for the next 2 years and to run for seats in the local commune councils. Further, MP Mu Sochua works within the SRP as well as with civil society to push women on the political agenda. In Battambang, she has the support of a local NGO, Amara, which focuses on the political training of all women. In total, the SRP aims to sponsor 1,500 women candidates. The selection of these outstanding future candidates takes Mu Sochua and her team of women to remote villages in all corners of the Province, the country’s largest one.

We will be posting the latest news on Sochua’s work in the province. Follow along as she continues her work to promote women in politics throughout Battambang:

June 4th – 11th: Political Campaigning Building-up Women and Youth Networks in Battambang Province


The majority of Cambodian people are still today facing an array of daily obstacles and challenges.  Economic, social, and justice issues affect Cambodians all over the country; these include problems of land grabbing, unemployment, lack of social safety nets (including healthcare and pensions), gender violence and lack of government and political support for these issues. And for all of these, women are especially and deeply impacted. However, despite this long-standing reality, the needs of women everywhere in Cambodia remain largely unnoticed and unvoiced.


Recognizing the need to confront these issues, the SRP has continued to address the problems of men, women and children. Within the party, Mu Sochua remains vigilant and dedicated as ever to this cause. Recently, she has taken up the role of Battambang’s provincial leader for the party. Regardless of her recent court hearing on 2nd June, which has the potential threat of imprisonment, Mu Sochua was back on the campaign trail the next day.


Mu Sochua continued to reach out to local communities at the district and commune levels working alongside Commune chiefs and against daily intimidation tactics by the CPP. While the size, location, and time of the locations varied greatly, Sochua delivered the same persistent message: the need and potential for a more just and humane democratic society.


Along the way, Mu Sochua had a growing number of followers to both her and the cause. The SRP following galvanized largely thanks to the meetings and activities her and her team carried out, including to create and sustain the Youth and Women’s Wings which this month took a crucial institutional turn, and which indeed will be essential to carry out the SRP’s key vision.

4 responses to “Campaign

  1. Dear Ms Sochua.

    I have nominate you for the Front Line Award Front Human Rights Defenders at Risk Award here in Ireland. I have contacted them about you and think you should be nominated for the award 2012

    Here is the site

  2. Dear Ms. Sochua
    There are many people here in England that would like to participate in the petition for UN intervention. Is there a way we can do so or do you have a contact email at the UN where we can register our support?

    • thanks but the petition is for Cambodian illegible voters who were disenfranchised or /and voters who demand a recount or re-election. However, please help write to your government not to recognize the illegitimate govt. of Hun Sen and to your EU MPs to demand human rights conditions attached to assistance to Cambodia. Please help me get in touch with the networks in England who are interested in helping us to lobby the EU Parliament.

      The Blood Sugar issue is also very worth attention and support to promote the campaign against the sugar company Tate&Lyle. Please check with OXFAM UK on this issue.

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