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7 September Non-Violent Mass Protest – Statement

Anti-riot police at Sabrina factory-2013

Anti-riot police at Sabrina factory-2013


September 7 – Non-Violent Mass Protest for Free and Fair Elections

Sam Rainsy at Toul Tampoung market

Sam Rainsy at Toul Tampoung market

“Standing on the spirit of resolving remaining problems peacefully in the spirit of national reconciliation and unification…I support any negotiating meetings between the top leaders of the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) and the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) in order to find solutions to the irregularities of the fifth parliamentary election on July 28 and to reach political reforms for our country’s progress,” CNRP’s President Sam Rainsy said in a letter to CPP’s President Chea Sim.

The talk between the top leaders of the two parties will be on reforms that Cambodia needs which include and must begin with electoral reforms.

Our stance is firm on the issue and the process to reach that goal will be transparent by using mass rallies as a venue for CNRP leaders to report back to the people.

The means to reach that goal has been and will be non-violence and civil disobedience.

His Majesty has called for the respect of the Constitution for resolution of conflict stemming from the unacceptable results of the 28 July elections.

The voters will use the Constitution as the supreme law of the nation to call for freedom, rights and justice.

The electoral system must be reformed.

The Women Who Had A Dream

We Voted for Change

Living Above Fear

Opposition rally at Freedom Park -26 Aigust

Opposition rally at Freedom Park -26 Aigust

Authorities threaten crackdown if we had more than 5,000. 10,000 came to the rally today.

“We must live above fear”, said one of the people who got on stage.

What CNRP will continue to pursue for:

1/ use the “legal”mechanisms to solve election irregularities;

2/ demand formation of an independent and neutral investigation committee;

3/ stage mass rallies and protests.

What is peace without justice?