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Stories of Change (video)

Grassroots change is happening. Freedom of expression must be protected in order for people to take the first step towards change.

A day in the life of Mu Sochua

Video created by Philip Skoczkowski. Check out his amazing work at

A Day In The Life Of Mu Sochua from Philip Skoczkowski on Vimeo.

“Women’s Democracy and European People’s Party” Best Practices

Women Inspiring the World: Educated, Empowered, Equal
From: 28 June- 1 July
Sponsored by: Community of Democracies
Opening Remarks are by: Presidents of Lithuania and Finland
The agenda for 09 June-
  • Highlight: The Role of OSCE in advancing Gender Issues- US Special  Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office on Gender Issues Wendy Patten
  • Issue Highlight: The Role of Ombudsperson in a Society Ombudswoman Austrine Burneikiene Ombudswoman for the Office of Equal Opportunities in Lithuania will discuss the work of the Ombudsperson and describe the Ombudsperson’s role in the  Lithuanian society.
  • Guest Speaker from the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) Indre Mackeviciute, Gender Expert will describe the role of the work of the European Institute for Gender Equality and present its future plans.
  • Remarks on EPP Women and Resources for Women in the EU
    Maria Rauch-Kallat, Vice President of EPP Women
  • Best practices highlights. A Panel of Women including:
    1. Mu Sochua, Women’s role in politics in post conflict societies
    2. Vera Pronkina, Women’s role in promoting youth participation in politics
    3. Sílvia Rita Oliveira de Souza, Women’s role in political campaigns
    4. Liliana Palihovici, Women’s role in parliament
    5. Oyun Sanjaasürengiin, Women’s role defending human rights
The closing remarks are by Hillary Clinton and the president of Finland (a woman).
1 July is the 6th Ministerial Conference- opening Hillary Clinton and others
I will be going to Finland and Norway to visit our Cambodian communities there after the conference from 2-5 July. I will update my blog about the event. Please follow along!

Sochua blog video BB day 2

“I do not fear death; I fear political silence against injustices”

-Malalai Joya, MP Afghanistan

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Back in Battambang – Sesame Fields Forever

Thursday, June 09, 2011
By Mu Sochua

Six AM breakfast in Phnom Penh followed by a 4 hour drive up North to Battambang lands us in Koh Kroloh district of the province. The more off-road our journey gets the closer we get to the village, where landless people are having their sesame crops destroyed by what is being recalled as “the others”.

The land we stand on used to be a forest occupied by the Khmer Rouge, before integrating with the Royal Government Forces in 1997, and is now being seized by army chiefs. Despite the fact that the land is state owned, meaning that it is available for social concessions- for landless people, high ranking officials as well as private parties secretly want to keep this land as private. The issue has been brought up by landless farmers who have came from neighbouring districts in hope of harvesting state land as a mean for their livelihoods. The government on the provincial level has refused to come in and take control of the situation, leaving actions taken on this land highly questionable and evidently harmful for the landless farmers who have been residing the area for a number of years now.

After meeting with the farmers and investigating the damaged fields, Sochua, her team and the victims were brought to the local police station to personally discuss land issues with the authorities.


Sochua holding sesame crops


Sochua talking with farmers about their destroyed land.


Walking towards destroyed field.


Farmers brought to police to discuss land issues w/ local authorities.


Investigating destroyed sesame crops.


Investigating destroyed sesame crops 2



Local transportation.


Local transportation 2




Sam Rainsy Party member at work.


Landless farmer, victim of land mine


In the fields.


Listening to their thoughts and concerns.

Photos by Philip Skoczkowski