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A Political Trial–cambodia-opposition-braces-for-trial-on-bogus-charges

The sacks of batons being loaded off the municipality police truck came before my colleagues and I got to the Dragon Bridge on 15 July, 2015

The security guards ripped off our banner and started their attack with the batons that came out of the sacks

First Meeting of Cambodian Women Parliamentarians’ Caucus

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Mrs. Obama Says It All


Keep Your Leaders Accountable

Is this Michelle Obama’s way of saying : I know what is going on in Cambodia. I know of the human rights violations, the corruption, the rule of the strong man?

Better if she had spelt it all out.


Let Our Indigenous Girls Learn

Education is a right and not a privilege.



Let Girls Learn

A live conversation on the issue and the visit of US First Lady Michelle Obama

Live on Huffington Post last night

Here is the link:

I still maitain that Let Girls Learn is a political issue and without govt.’s strict commitment, the issue will remain unaddressed as any human rights or political issue.

Children of the victims of forced eviction in front of the US Embassy yesterday

” Free the Activists ”


Success Told by MFIs Should be Questioned

This has been the truth for years. The MFIs have money to publicise success while the undebted villagers try to hide from telling the truth in fear of losing the chance to take more loans.

No need to conduct a study to know that the villagers can’t pay the interests : they can’t find market for their products; they can’t pay for medical care; they can ‘t pay for their children’s school fees.

Migrant workers send money home to help pay their parents’ debts.

As long as debts are paid, that is what MFIs care about.

This is the issue I cover at each Meet Your MP

Meet Your MP in Battambang