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Letter to Lord David Puttnam-Blood Sugar

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My Letter to Lord Putnam, UK Trade Envoy.

Letter to Lord Puttnam

We Are Going Back to Freedom Park

Protest 8

The Cambodia National Rescue Party will hold the Second National People’s Congress this Sunday 30 March from 1:00pm-18:00pm.

The objective:

1/ To report back to the people on the results of the negotiations;
2/ To seek people’s advice for the next steps.

Join us to express your opinion, to give your voice to democracy.

Give Women a Chance and This Is What You Get


When I met these amazing young women four years ago, they were not sure of their future. They missed home, they were just selected to join this unique program where their education, accommodations and food were all covered by the foundation.

I met them last night and was so touched by their successes, their self-confidence, their sense of responsibility and their hope.

Almost all are employed, in private firms, universities, law firms, an insurance company, with non-profit organizations.

They are on their own but sure of what they want to do with their lives.

Invest in young women for the entire nation to benefit from.

A big and sincere thanks for your support.

Cambodia Case to the International Criminal Court

Police crackdown on protesting workers - 3 January, 2014

Police crackdown on protesting workers – 3 January, 2014

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Taking the Cambodian Situation to Australia and New Zealand

A big thanks to the Cambodian/Australians/New Zealanders for putting together a very impressive, and politically influential visit for the leaders of CNRP to bring the real turth to your governments.

Here is the report’by MP-elect, Tioulong Saumura

Human Trafficking- the Cambodia Case

Did the World media Miss the Cambodia Spring?

Al Jazeera , the BBC, ABC Australia, The New York Times came but it was not enough.