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Grassroots Democracy – Accountability

This young man sells doughnuts in Battambang, one of the opposition strong supporters. He asked me this question: “why are you taking your seat in parliament. What about your supporters?”

My answer to him, in just one minute but important to take note of the importance of promoting grassroots democracy and having to be accountable to the people.

Grassroots Democracy

I have learned to make simple videos with IMovies Apps.

Sharing this with you and more to come.

It is very simple but useful and straight to the truth , you won’t have to read, just watch and listen

A Long Journey to Justice

Police dragging injured villager. photo by Radio Free Asia

Police dragging injured villager. photo by Radio Free Asia

Injured villager left unattended by police.

Injured villager left unattended by police.

Frigthened children witnessing their father being taken away by police.

Frigthened children witnessing their father being taken away by police.

A long journey for the Lor Peang- Kompong Chnang villagers, to find justice for their land grabbed by the wife of the Minister of Energy and Mines for close to 10 years.

Their journey to bring their complaints to Parliament was met 3 days ago with the brutal police forces, arrest and detention of 5 villagers, and physical injuries. Among them are pregnant women, infants and the elderly.

Intervention from opposition MPs got them to the outskirts of Phnom Penh where they were met by the land victims of Beung Kak Lake led Tep Vanny, all of them victims of land grabs. The people prevented from marching into the city by more police forces. With intervention from MPs and the strong will of the people, the villagers are now staying in the shelter ofthe Beung Kak Lake community.

The Opposition has already announced that the case will be heard in Parliament in the near future as part of the weekly Q/A sessions.

Be Part of Building Democracy – Be Critical – Be Constructive

Dear all,

Thank you for sending me your concerns on the health issues. Please rest assured that we will consult health experts to develop our strategies and priorities in this sector as well as other sectors covered by Parliamentary Commission #8 to be chaired by CNRP.

All constructive criticism will be regarded as your contribution to the building a better Cambodia.

By dumping every problem faced by Cambodia on the Vietnamese is escaping our own responsibility and accountability. For example, how do we undertake the in depth reform in the Justice system and the judiciary specifically? It takes vision, strategy, tactics, action plan, time frame, money, experts…..and this is what we are working on.

CNRP promised to the voters and the brave millions who walked the streets with us for more than ten months that we will demand a independent and neutral NEC that will be an institution enshrined in the Constitution. First Hun Sen rejected the demand and we stood firm. Now we have what we want and in order to reach our goal, we must take oaths, take our seats to amend the Constitution.

The latest development towards an independent NEC:

1/The party technical groups identified the specific Chapter and Articles in the Constitution for amendments. We have reached a joint agreement. CNRP has taken the key recommendations of civil society;

2/ We have agreed on an independent member of NEC : Dr. Pung Chiv Guek;

3/ NEC shall have and directly manage its own budget . That will be a specific Article in the Law;

4/ CNRP will need to find 4 members of NEC who will not sell out as that person is key to every issue to be voted by the 9 members of the NEC. This selection is an open process. We have not made our finalist list;

5/ the current Election Law will be divided into two separate laws to ensure NEC independence and neutrality and to ensure that all illegible voters can register to vote and can vote on election day and access to media is free and fair. CNRP will have radio and TV stations that will be run by our teams;

We demand that All 9 members of NEC and the Constitution and the new Election and NEC laws to be amended and adopted within a month and this is accepted by CPP.

We are lobbying the European Commission, Japan and Australia to support the new NEC and there are good signs.

CNRP election team works day and night to get ready for the full rehaul of NEC and the new voter list. Mr. Kheuy Bunreun gave up his MP seat and is one of our confirmed candidates for NEC. He is truly an election expert and will not sell out. He is as tough as rock , young, totally determined and led two successful elections in Takeo and Kompong Cham.

Our technical team lead by MP, Nhem Ponyarith is negotiating for the reforms in the National Assembly to ensure a full and legitimate role of the Loyal Opposition. The Chairs of the parliamentary commissions have been confirmed within the party and need to be voted in at the next session of the National Assembly. CNRP will hold the seat of First Deputy of the National Assembly. All these reforms will give CNRP the power to act and to defend the people and national interests. We never said we do not want power because we have the vision as how we will use this power to reach the long term goals.

CNRP leadership is solid, our in house affairs are run through and by Committees defined in our party structure. In the next two weeks CNRP is holding election at grassroots level to restructure the sub-national level Committees as the party is growing significantly in size. I am now in Battambang to monitor the party election. I am so touched by the commitment of our local leaders and supporters to make CNRP the party that will win elections in the future and the party that will bring true democracy for Cambodia.

In the meantime, our youths, and the independent mass movements continue to shake things up in the streets. The last three days of protest to demand an apology from Vietnam is a very clear sign that we Khmers are in control of our own nation.

We need to take ownership of each gain made on this long road to democracy and peace for our beloved nation. MP, Sam Rainsy, leader of the Cambodian Loyal Opposition says so in his very significant speech on 8 August: let us open a new culture of dialogue and of non-violence. He has defined the new rules of the new game. The old game of violence is Hun Sen’s football field where the goal keepers, the players and the referees is just one man who hands out no yellow nor red cards.

Finally, as Director General of CNRP in charge or Public Affairs and Mass Movements, i try to do my very best to give to the public the information that describe how the party tackles the challenges we all face as we walk the long road to Peace.

Again, we hear your criticism but help us more by being specific in how you need things done and in the context of Cambodia.

We are aware of the spread of rumours of exchange of money during the deal. We have full trust in each and everyone of you and of your wisdom and judgement as to how you take these rumors posted on facebook. How long do we want to play this game?

United , Democracy Will Win.

Mu Sochua, MP

Going back to the Kangaroo Court

15 July Day of arrest at Freedom Park

15 July Day of arrest at Freedom Park

I am summonsed to appear by the Phnom Penh Court for futher questioning, next Monday 11 August at 8 am.

I will appear as parliamentarian with fullparliamentary immunity.

Will continue to go thru the full course of the Cambodian justice system.

Please follow closely.