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European Commission to Cambodian Government: Stop Legal Pursuits Against Opposition




Privacy Right of Citizens – What Does the Constitution Say


Cambodia’s Constitution

Article 40
The right to privacy of residence and to the secrecy of correspondence by mail, telegram, fax, telex, and telephone shall be guaranteed.

What the head of the Anti-Corruption Unit says

Who is above the Constitution?

Let’s argue that the ACU chief is right that he ” can tap anyone ” . No, sir. Unless you have very strong evidence to justify taping of private phone conversations.

Extra marital affairs are evidence for phone taping.

Among the most justifiable reasons for taping are: terrorism, international crimes, corruption of high level officials in govt.

But even these reasons would have to be backed with very strong evidence .

Unless we can say : so what if I, the chief of ACU can tap anyone I want.

No, sir.

Unless we can say: every citizen is a suspect or enemy of the state?

is that the state we want to live in?


Cambodia Human Rights in Peril


A very strong stance and condemnation by Amnesty International over the widespread and unlawful arrest and detention of members of the opposition and civil society.