Cambodia Continues with its Travesty of Justice

yorn bopha

Bun Samnang

It has taken me a few days to post this as I have been feeling numb from the results of the 3 trials last week.

The travesty of justice shows how far off track Cambodia is when it comes to setting strong pillars for democracy to be rooted and for the nation to move forward.

We do not have to be stuck. together we can push the democracy agenda forward and 2013 is key.

The message we bring to grassroots voters is the alternative we offer to voters. Vote for what you wish to have as a justice system that you can trust. Vote for economic alternatives that bring equal opportunity to all and not to make “500 millionaires for Cambodia” , as the prime minister said in his speech last week.

500 millionaires to feed 14 millions? Who will be getting the raw deal?

Justice is about the 100% of Cambodians.

Yorn Bopha, Bun Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun are sent back to Prey Sar prison. We will not forget them. We will continue the fight.

6 responses to “Cambodia Continues with its Travesty of Justice

  1. The first thing to understand is that Cambodia is not a democracy by any normal definition of that term. The SRP seems to be operating under false assumptions in this regard.
    There will be no change of government via the electoral process any time soon in Cambodia just as this has never taken place at any time in Cambodian history.
    That is just the sad reality of the situation in Cambodia today and it must be taken into consideration by all who hope to have an impact on political developments there.

    • SRP should be the first to agree with you. 3 million eligible did not vote in 2012. We are trying to give them the reason to go to vote in 2013. Change happens when voters vote and are educated about the value of their votes. The answer is: Get out the vote.

  2. Dear Sochua: Thanks for your comments. I agree that educating Cambodians about voting, and many other things, is crucial to changing the political situation there. But this is a very long range project and significant results flowing from theses efforts are not likely anytime soon. I would venture to guess that nothing of a transformative nature in this regard will happen as long as Hun Sen remains an active player in the political game. The truth is that politics in Cambodia is about personalities not principles, rights or justice and for the foreseeable future Hun Sen will remain the dominant personality. I see no one on the horizon who could challenge him in this area. I will send to you by direct email a paper I have written analyzing the prospects for political change in Cambodia. Best regards, Don

    • dear Don,

      Cambodia will change as we do not intend to live with the same leader for much longer. Watch his move carefully and you see that he is responding to pressures, his own way.

      Workers’call for a US$150 minimum wage on 30 january is sending him a message that a solution to the current exploitation of workers by the garment sector must be addressed: a government meeting with all concerned is scheduled as announced by the minister in charge of labor affairs, in his 31 January letter.

      Same situation with land disputes.

      I remain positive that our people’s voice is the pressure from within although change comes slower than we want.

      to say that no one can come close to Hun Sen is totally correct as no one wishes to take Cambodia back to the years of silence.

      As democrats we see that the only way out is to pursue the democratic path thru free and fair elections.

      Of course we want to win the elections and we are putting all our resources into taking our message to voters.

      We won the farthest communes in Preah Vihear, in Prey Veng the opposition will have majority of the 11 parliamentary seats.

      Please send me your study and thank you for sharing it.

      best wishes for 2013.

  3. Dear Sochua: I admire your courage and confidence. I have sent my paper “Cambodia’s Bumpy Road to Development” to your personal email address. Best wishes in your efforts to promote justice, democracy and human rights in Cambodia, Don

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