Women Courageous Reporters of World War II – Film

We Can do it!

And we Did it!

Proud of my journalists sisters, in particular the young women from the local newspapers.

Women Make Movies

Film Segmenthttp://www.wmm.com/advscripts/wmmvideo.aspx?pid=161

No Job For A Woman: The Women Who Fought To Report WWII

A film by By Michele Midori Fillion – 2011

When World War II broke out, reporter Martha Gellhorn was so determined to get to the frontline that she abandoned her husband Ernest Hemingway, never to be reunited. Ruth Cowans reporting was hampered by a bureau chief who refused to talk to her. Meanwhile photojournalist Dicky Chapelle wanted to get so close to the action she could feel bullets whizzing by. This award-winning documentary tells the colorful story of how these three tenacious war correspondents forged their now legendary reputations in World War Two when battlefields were considered no place for a woman.

Narrated by Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies, this film features an abundance of rich period archive, interviews with modern female war correspondents, as well as actresses bringing to life the written words of these remarkable women. Their repeated delegation to the sidelines to cover the womans angle succeeded in expanding the focus of war coverage to include the human cost of war, demonstrating how the destruction of one war leads to the next. By wars end, women reporters brought home a new kind of war story more personal and all-encompassing, reaching beyond the battlefield and deep into human lives.


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